14 reasons Makassar is the best place you’ve never heard of

About Makassar



When you think Indonesia, images of Balinese beaches or rice fields probably pop into your head. I’ve been to Bali twice but I’ve never visited any other Indonesian city - simply because I didn’t know what else was out there. And that’s a shame because Indonesia has way more to offer than $10 massages and tourists who have seen “Eat, Pray, Love”.

This month, the TSL team went on a mission to explore 5 lesser travelled Indonesian cities. With our “TSL Discovers Indonesia” series, we aimed to come up with a series of guides, to help travellers looking to get something more out of their holidays.

You may have already seen what Miranda and Felicia got up to in their trips to Semarang andSurabaya. So we were excited when it finally came to Christabel’s and my turn to check out the seaside city of Makassar. Here’s our highlights video!


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Mix one part “Parks and Rec” writer/actor Harris Wittels with one part “Suburgatory” actor Armen Weitzman and you have a recipe for hilarity.